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R.C.A BP10. The top flips up to reveal the chrome face plate.

Well here is my newest addition, the Philco model 20. I rebuilt all the scroll work. This was an early model from 1930. 

Philco 89 Cathedral, one of my favorites. This was in bad shape, and I still paid $70.00 for it. I spent hours winding an open coil, and more time on the cabinet, but it was worth it!

A nice radio from 1927 it uses six UX201s and has a nickel plated cover inside. The knobs are wood and this is a battery set.

A nice Philco. I wasn't sure at the time I refinished it, if the knobs were brown or white.  I have a set of brown ones, but I like it this way.

Admiral made by Air King. Don't know the model number.

A Philco mini tombstone. This one was a mess when I got it. I wish I took pictures. Can you tell me the model number. I found out that this is a model 57c. See my "Past Projects Page" for more info.

United Motors is all I know about this one. Please E_MAIL me if you have more info. It is a smaller tombstone and works on 32 Volts.

I just found out this is a Model 4054 made in 1934. I guess it's pretty rare and valuable. It should be with those new #48 tubes. 


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