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Capacitors, ALL

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NEW: limited supply Sprague orange drop capacitors

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 CAPACITOR Technical notes

Capacitor Types

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  Electrolytic, High Voltage, axial and radial over 100 volts
   Electrolytic, Low Voltage, axial and Radial under 100 volts
  Ceramic, Safety, ALL
  Film, Poly, Hi performance, axial, ALL
  Mica, ALL
  High Voltage, 1600 volts or higher, ALL types

Teflon Tube: ~.042" ID #18

5 Feet 0.75  Add to Cart

  Multi-caps, Dyno-cap kits  
  Poly radial, Orange drop, ECT
  Limited, Specials , Military, MISC, Transmission
  KITS, ALL Capacitor kits

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