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I recently aquired this Sony ICF 2010, known as THE best table/portable radio. I can tell you they are right!

As you might have noticed, I don't have many european sets. I think this is the only one I have. This one is German from 1960 made by Columbia.

Realistic DX390 a modern multiband receiver.This one picks up FM,AM,MW,LW,and SW. It covers from 150KHZ to 22.2222MHZ.

Another Realistic multiband, this one is tiny and has a case. It has 9 bands and receives FM in stereo.

A perfect example of a great late 80's digital set! Sold by radio Shack, made by Sangean. I installed all the great MODS! Anti mute, FM filters, tape in/out jack.,and fine tuning! Some of these mods came with the Sangean. I guess profit got in the way with Radio Shack!

A nice multiband from Toshiba. This one is a transistor set. I would guess from the late 70's. Model 11L769F.

Not so perfect, but a great performer! The Grundig TR-310.

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