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Another Guild set! This is a very nice radio with a great sound, AM and FM. Made with wood, metal, and glass. Shown with the door open and closed.

The helping hand advertising radio. The nose is the volume on/off switch.

 A very nice Red Socks radio from 1974! I bet this would appeal to radio collectors and base ball fans.

What a great radio. Figured I would put it with the Ketchup. This is so realistic the cover unscrews for the battery. I found this one at the NEARC radio show, box and all!!

Another advertising radio. Guess what they are advertising. Well the bottle says it all. This is very realistic!

A rare one I guess! This is ceramic done up in black with gold trim.

I have yet to see one like this either. It says Marylin Monroe on it. As you can see it's done in white with AM/FM bands. The next one is AM/FM made with Chrome over metal and plastic. "ON THE AIR" lights up when radio is on.

Again I have to say I have never seen one of these before! It's a big radio. The eyes are the dial scale, and they light up. The ears are where the speakers are housed. The nose is ON/OFF/VOLUME control.

This is a great replica, they got the finish right.

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