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Panasonic TRP-1000  1" TV with all the accessories. This will work in any country too. Both the set and the power supply are switchable. Also gets AM/FM radio. Shown with magnifying glass attached.

A set of early Walkie Talkies. One by Radio Shack called a realisiphone model TRC-1. The other made by Harpers, and uses two nine volt batteries.


A very nice reel to reel. It is a very small unit made by Channel Master, called the small talk.

A nice example of early Sony pocket TV's from the late 70's. These have real picture tubes.

G.E Tube Catty! A nice piece from the old days of radio and T.V. repair.

A nice chrome Reel to Reel portable from Electra.

A pair of Dick Tracy walkie talkies made by ERTL. They tie to you wrists.

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