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Vintage and Antique Items/Parts

Just some of the items you may find for sale!

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Just some of the items you may find for sale!

Vintage cassette parts, antique radios and parts, novelty radio, meters, knobs, tubes, tube shields, hardware, R-to R parts...MORE!

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Zenith TO 1000 Antenna

Very good condition (antenna) Handle needs a little TLC. Compete assembly in great condition ready to install. Can be used for anything requiring a heavy duty very long antenna. Like HAM radio.

Add to Cart  $15

NOS Tape Deck motors

These are New Old Stock used for high qulity tape decks in the seventies. Super quiet and stable. We don't know much ,ore than that. We used to use them in HIFI cassette and 8 track tape decks as replacements. These were made in 1974 in Japan 10 available.

Add to Cart $12 each

Juliette AM PB Vintage Radio

Beaultiful chrome with no issues. This looks new and plays like new. The case has slight issues, but only surface marks thet can be cleaned out.

Add to Cart $12

Add to Cart .79 each 600 volt dual diode 30A Data Sheet
Add to Cart 5/$3.00 Five 600 volt dual diode 30A Data Sheet


Speaker Grille

Nice ornate with a great grille cloth insert.

Add to Cart  $10

Add to Cart .79 each Bridge Rectifier 600 volt 4A Data Sheet
Add to Cart 5/$3.00 Five Bridge Rectifiers 600 volt 4A Data Sheet


Tandberg Slide Pots

These come from a 100% functional machine. Model 9000, but works in others. These are large type, and you get all four for $2 each! Can certainly be used for many other projects. Includes mounting hardware.

Add to Cart $8

Pioneer Cassette Deck Heads and Plate

We know there are good heads, but we don't remeber what deck. May have been a CT-F7272. Would work in many decks even if they were not Pioneer. They appear to have been used lightly, and are a good quality HIFI type. These were carefully removed with maximum wire length for connecting. What you see is what you get.

Add to Cart $10

Zenith Tube Shield

Very early tube shields 1920-1930 eara. Excellent condition, we have two pairs to offer. Price reflects one pair as shown.

Add to Cart $15

Zenith Top Handle

Hardware and end caps included as shown. This is in great condition needs a little TLC. Comes out of a portable long distance radio.

Add to Cart $12

Add to Cart .65 each Tube Socket, NOS 7 pin Ceramic
Add to Cart 4/$2.00 Four Tube Sockets, NOS 7 pin Ceramic

Zenith Portable Long Distance Hardware

You get everything shown. This is a Zenith hardware collection, but your welcome to use it on anything.

Add to Cart $12

Philco Tuning Cpacitor

Used in Philco modle 118, 18, 44 andothers I am sure. Can be used for anything needing an air variable capacitor. Mounting hardware included.

Add to Cart $15

Grundig Microphone

Has a 3 pin DIN connector. Working condition. Not sure what ti went to, but probably a tape deck. Can be used for anything requiring a mic.

Add to Cart $7

Pioneer Push Button Power Switch

Don't remeber what it came out exactly. It came out of a vintage tape deck, but fits many other vintage Pioneer equipment. Been in storage for ten years.

Add to Cart $10

Pioneer Wood End Blocks

Used on a Pioneer tape deck. These are located at each end of the face. These are perfect all around and include the mounting hardware. Can be used for other items. Original OEM.

Add to Cart $12

Philco Tube Shield?

Shields two tubes at once. Not sure what model radio it came out of. It is hard to find and many sets are mmissing this.

Add to Cart $12

Tandberg 9000 Head Covers

Excellent condition! You get both parts. Came off a working Reel to Reel deck.

Add to Cart $25

Aiwa Solenoid

Pulled with care working like new. Can be used for anything you see fit, or an OEM replacement.

Add to Cart $5

Pioneer Solenoid RXP-030-A

Pioneer used tested and working. Used in many vintage decks.

Add to Cart $5

Akai Solenoid P-50U

Could be used for anything. these are low voltage, small, and very powerful.

Add to Cart$5

Tandberg 9000 FF/RR Motor

100% functional. Super high quality motor. Mounting hardware and full size wires included. Running capacitor also included. This everything you need carefully removed with maximum wires for installation. Came out of of a 100% functional machine.

Add to Cart  $25

Pioneer Ct-F8282 P/N RAW-050-0

We have two of these to offer. They are working and in great condition. You get one at this price. Could be used for anything. This is a very nice quality meter.

Add to Cart $15


Arvin Microphone

Came from an old portable reel to reel, but used in mnay of thier tape recorders. This has the double jack connector. One used for the audio, the other for pause

Add to Cart $5

Pioneer Lamp Hoods

These are used in vintage Pioneer tape decks and recievers. They are lamp hoods and made of rubber. These are not dried out. You get all three as shown.

Add to Cart $5



Pioneer Tape Deck Meter

Came out of a CT-F7171 cassette deck. These are great meters and can be used for anything. This one is lighted too.

Add to Cart $15

CPU Fan and Heatsink

Made for a PC, again can be used for anything!

Add to Cart $5

Awai 6700 VU Meter

Another great meter. I just hate to toss these, but I need to move some out. We have two of these, but you get one at the listed price.

Add to Cart $15

Component Feet

Nice set of four for vintage componet like a tape deck or reciever.

Add to Cart $10

Tandberg VU Meters

Very nice condition. Came out of a 9000 series reel to reel. Can be used for anything. You get one at this price. We have two available.

Add to Cart $8

RC Racing Motor 6 turn

Old school power. I used this years ago when racing RC cars. It is extreme when it comes to power. Aluminum housing, seald bearings, and replacable brushes. All top end at the time. Can be used for anything needing a powerful small light weight motor.

Add to Cart $10

Sony OEM Audio Cords

1/8 inch mono plug to standard RCA plug. You get two for stereo operation. About 3 feet long was used in a portable cassette player. 

Add to Cart $5

Aiwa 6700 Solenoid

Working and removed with care.

Add to Cart $5

Hobby Motor, Tape Deck

This is from a tape deck from the sixties. It is very high quality. Cast body and rubber mounting posts. Also has a govenor built on the rear. This could be wired without the govenor as well. tested with 6 - 12 volts DC.

Add to Cart $5

Chrome Hardware Group/Lot

Very nice bright chrome parts for making a case. Latches and screws, handle and screws, and more.

Add to Cart $8





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