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A refurbished tombstone. A very nice G.E A-64!

A fine example of German technology. This covers only part of the AM and FM bands. Nice style Eye Tube too!

A small Cathedral. Don't know the model number, but it says Victory on it. It is very small from the thirties and has a four tube chassic. You tell me if you know more, please!

Here is a beauty I recently acquired. A nice black face Zenith with wood Z knobs. When the dial scale lights up it glows in multi color! Sounds great too. This is a model 5-S-24. Not perfect, but not bad enough to destroy the original finish either. Enjoy!!!!!

A very nice early table radio from GE. This is the K-52, a common chassis from the early thirties. This is all original with flowered wood knobs. This has an open coil, can you help me find a chassis like this?

A very nice exacmple of an Emerson 512 table radio!

A heavy portable from Motorola. This does have tubes in it, and it's made of metal and plastic. Has an A.C cord or batteries.


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