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A very nice GE. This was hand wired and has some type of electromagnetic speaker.

Orion mini keychain transistor set. This has all the original parts, and box.

Good old G.E. all american radio. Guess when this was made.

Toshiba Fan Radio. I have only seen one of these. Looks like it's a 60's vintage, and it has a pull chain.  There is a knob on the bottom to rotate the internal antenna.

A nice early example from Zenith. Made in1955 a Royal 500. The clear plastic parts of the knobs are in rough shape. If you have good ones!

I don't think this is considered a novelty. It was made by G.E. and it's the only one I ever saw.

An excellent example of Mitsubishi in 1962! This is a model 6X-145.

The Raytheon T-2500 transistor radio. A very early and rare one from Raytheon.