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A nice 8 transistor from International Transistor Corporation. Leather case and box!

A nice mini radio probably from the late 60's early 70's.

A great retro 70's set! Aquatron VX-33. AM/FM/8 track in stereo too! This has a suction cup on the bottom to hold it in place.

A Motorola 8 transistor portable, model 8x26e made in 1959.

A Channel Master two band TR DELUXE. This one also has a leather case. I need an antenna for it though. If you have one.

A beautiful Lafayette, model with the carry case.

A great sounding round Zenith radio. Could fall into the Novelty category, but I think it's just a transistor set.

From Panasonic. Looks like a tachometer, but was made to be transistor radio. That's why it's not listed with Novelty sets.

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